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4 Ways to fold bath towels for VIP Guests

4 Ways to fold bath towels for VIP Guests

Do you want to give your bathroom a five-star hotel look? We often see bath towels in hotels giving a perfect look. Apart from the material of the towel, an ideal way of folding the towel also makes it a fluffy and perfect look. Here are four simple ways by which you can fold bath hand towels for your special guests. So, let's get started.

• Use a bar folding technique.
The bar folding technique is one of the popular hand towel folding techniques that you can use for VIP guests. The towel bar folding method is quite easy. First, fold the bath towel lengthwise. Now fold it in half, bringing the small corner towards the centre.
• Use a roll-up method.
Another towel folding method is a roll-up method that can add an elegant touch to your bathroom. For this, first, you need to lay the towel flat. Now fold your bath towel in half. Make sure to fold it lengthwise. After folding the back corner, flip the corners over each other and then roll them neatly.
• Spa-style towel rolling method
A hand towel from Karpasa London can easily be folded with this method. Lay the towel flat. Now fold it lengthwise. Fold the towel again, keeping the corners aligned. Now roll it tightly until you reach the end.
• Classic folding method
This bath hand towel folding method is also very common. All you need to do is lay the towel flat on a surface. Take the long end and fold it towards the centre. Now take another long end and do the same step. After folding both long ends, take one short end and fold it towards the middle. Next, take another short end and fold it towards the middle but make sure that there is some gap in the middle so that one more fold can be done. In the final step, take one end and fold it over the other end.
All these bath towels folding ways are quite easy. If you are searching for premium quality towels, then consider Karpasa London.

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