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Our Purpose

A group of children hodling each other's hand while walking together

Build A Better World For All!

"Natural Living, Luxury Feeling, Social Belonging", this is what we desire for our customers through Karpāsa London products. All our products are specially designed for natural, healthy and modern living. Karpāsa London has been created with a purpose to build a better world for all.

We promote natural & healthy living for our CONSUMERS!

We use sustainable fabrics and our cotton is natural, organic and eco-friendly to ensure the safety of our customers all times.

We stand by WEAVERS and FARMERS!

The weavers at the handloom village in India live in penury. We are here to revive a dying handloom industry by providing struggling weavers and organic farmers with better income, access and support structure. 

We GIVE BACK to the society to make CHILD EDUCATION not a privilege!

Access to education at an early age is the greatest gift we can give to the next generation to be the best version of themselves. We pledge to give back a portion of profit to the society to make education accessible to underprivileged children and we do this by cutting out the middleman and ensuring the children we sponsor get the best care and education.

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