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Handloom and handmade linen will dominate the luxury market

Handloom and handmade linen will dominate the luxury market

You may have noticed that more handloom products are appearing in the market. They are soft to the touch and luxurious. However, other reasons for their popularity are:

Handloom products are luxury without chemicals. The process does not require using unnecessary chemicals to make yarn soft. In other words, handloom ensures the fibres stay naturally soft as intended. Karpasa handloom products provide a richer feel as they are not manipulated. You will notice that the items are craftily woven without manipulating their natural state.

Handloom is an art that must be preserved for future admiration. The skills are transferred to generations and are unfortunately threatened today. The handloom products preserve the textile’s integrity and create beautiful designs that machines cannot do. Karpasa handloom designs are modern and will fit the décor aesthetic perfectly.


Even though handloom and handmade linen are constantly admired, they lack a social impact. The workers are severely underpaid and employed in unfair working conditions too. Celebrating handloom products and their craft raises awareness for their well-being. The customers contribute to an improved working environment and fair pay.

Karpasa is looking to overcome the challenges of the textile industry with innovative and sustainable solutions. Visit Karpasa to learn more about our core values or shop high-quality, handcrafted, handloom items for your humble abode.

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