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How to choose the right cushion for your living room?

How to choose the right cushion for your living room?

Do you want to spruce up your living room? Due to the continuous use and wear and tear, living rooms may look a bit old. Before you replace your sofa or re-paint the entire room, you need to choose the right cushions, as they can make a difference and bring life to a room. Here, you can discover how you can decorate your living room with the right cushions.

• Choose a colour palette for cushions.
A living room usually has a lot of colours and patterns. So, to complement the existing colours and patterns with each other, take a colour palette. Try to choose such colours of the cushions that are already present in your living room, including the colour of the sofa, walls, curtains, tables, or any hanging artwork.
• Choose the right size and shape.
The right size and shape of the cushion are also very important. Place large-size cushions at the back of the sofa and small cushions in front of them. You can also use a rectangular-shaped cushion (with the right size) at the centre of these cushions to complement them.
• Add texture to your cushions.
Another hack for choosing the right cushions for your living room is to play with textures. Instead of placing just cotton cushions on your sofa, use a combination of cushions made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, velvet, etc. This will certainly add a new look to your room. If you are looking for good-quality organic cotton cushions, consider picking up a cushion cover large – grey organic cotton.
If you want to add a refreshing look to your living room, get in touch with Karpasa London. We offer high-quality cushions with a mix of timeless and modern designs. So, do not wait for any more. Follow the tips mentioned above to pick the ideal cushions for your living room.

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