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Top 7 Factors You Need To Consider Before Picking The Perfect Duvet

Top 7 Factors You Need To Consider Before Picking The Perfect Duvet

Are you struggling to find the perfect duvet for your bed? We spend about one-third of our lives either sleeping or trying to do so. So it makes sense that every element of our bed should contribute towards a peaceful and relaxing rest.

Duvets are among the top of the most comfortable bedding essentials. There are plenty of options to pick from in terms of material, print, pattern and size. But, when you find the perfect one for you, it can do wonders for your quality of sleep.

Before you make the final choice, you need to understand what you are looking for and consider. Don’t forget to invest in good organic cotton bed sheets and pillowcases, too, while you are at it. But to help you get the best duvet, we have compiled seven of the most important factors that everyone needs to consider.

1. Tog Rating
Tog stands for Thermal Overall Grade, a unit of measurement that calculates the thermal insulation of a textile product. For duvets, you need to know how warm yours will keep you sleep on those bitingly cold nights. There’s no point in buying the wrong duvet and waking up grumpy because you didn’t get a good night’s rest. A duvet with the right tog rating will help regulate your body’s temperature and sleep peacefully. The scale ranges from 1.5 to 15, based on how well the duvet traps in the air to provide warmth. While duvets are available for summer and winter, all-season versions cater to every climate with different tog options.
2. Duvet Filling
What’s inside your duvet can decide if it feels incredible or lumpy and awful. There are two main categories for duvet filling-natural and synthetic. Experts always recommend cotton since it is breathable, which helps regulate the temperature and is sweat-wicking. Most of the natural duvet filling is machine washable, durable and biodegradable. Natural duvet fillings like ethically sourced goose or duck feathers offer better thermal insulation than synthetic fillings. So, they don’t need as much filling to get to the same TOG rating as their synthetic counterparts, making them lighter.
3. Duvet Construction
The process involved in making the duvet determines how evenly the filling is distributed throughout the material. Box stitch and baffle box stitch are the two duvet construction options. They ensure no chilly bits in your duvet will make your sleep restless. Both include multiple pockets that hold equal filling to keep it evenly distributed. The stitches don’t compress the duvet and allow the filling enough space to provide breathability and trap air to regulate the temperature while keeping it nice and fluffy.
4. Anti-Allergy Bedding
If you are allergic to a particular filling, you need anti-allergic filling. Most of the bedding allergies are due to dust mites. They are attracted to damp, warm areas. While getting a duvet, make sure your duvet cover is not attracting dust mites either. Organic cotton duvet cover is an excellent hypoallergenic sheet, great for those who might have a dust mite allergy. Synthetic bedding can accommodate more allergens, and the loose weave might lead to dust mites. Since synthetic alternatives are less breathable, the damper conditions are ideal for dust mites to thrive.
5. Environmental Impact
Of course, everyone’s ultimate duvet choice is influenced by which one would be lighter on their wallet. But when you pick out the cheapest duvet, don’t expect it to last long. You only need to buy once if you buy well, so get the best-quality duvet. It will not only be better for the environment, but it will also outlast the cheaper version. Natural fillings are easier to produce, and they are biodegradable. They don’t contain toxic materials like microplastics that can end up in a landfill full of other harmful substances that pollute our planet. All our products at Karpasa, from cotton bed sheets to bath towels, are entirely organic and GOTS-certified.
6. Treated With Toxic Chemicals
Many bedding products that pose as organic may not be so. When you buy bedding linens like organic cotton bed sheets or pillowcases, ensure that they have the necessary certifications that make them qualify as organic. Even duvets are treated with harsh chemicals harmful to you and the environment. This is often true for synthetic materials like cotton-polyester blends treated with formaldehyde and other allergens and irritants that are harsh on sensitive skin. Sometimes duvet covers may be bleached or dyed using chemicals to make them stain-repellant, which can adversely affect your health. If you want the best-quality duvet cover, get luxury organic cotton duvet covers from Karpasa with GOTS certification that are completely safe for sensitive skin. You want to get the safest possible option to avoid any health problems for you or your family.
7. Washing Instructions

Generally, most duvets need to be washed at least every four months. But don’t forget to check the label because some may require dry cleaning. Different duvet materials have specific directions for washing and drying them, including the washing temperature, the method of washing and whether you can use detergents like fabric softener without harming the material. It is vital to follow the instructions on the label with care.

Ensure that the duvet is completely dry before placing it inside the duvet cover. Since duvets are challenging to clean, most people use an easily removable cover. Karpasa’s organic cotton duvet covers are machine-washable, and its breathable design makes it suitable for use all year.

When you choose the perfect duvet, consider your needs and comfort. You can start by figuring out how warm you want to be while you sleep and determine which material works best for you. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you won’t have too many overwhelming options to consider.

Lighter-coloured duvets might need to be washed more frequently, which is why many opt to get a duvet cover. You get a completely organic, 100% cotton duvet cover that is long-lasting and durable with a 360 thread count from Karpasa. If you are looking for a completely organic cotton duvet set that complements each other and your existing bedroom decor, you can find it here.

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