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About Us

Who We Are

We are UK based online retailer selling 100% premium cotton products to cater to the taste of every home maker.

Our Promise

We stand by cotton and simplicity is our trade mark.
Karpasa London believes everyone should live in a home they love. We are committed to delight our customers by reinventing the way our customers shop for their homes. We give simple choices so you are never confused. Quality is paramount for us, so you can trust us for the products that we sell.  All our products are specially designed for natural, healthy and modern living


  1. By selling ethically sourced high quality 100% natural products
  2. By supporting traditional textile and handloom industries
  3. By giving back profit to the society

We believe in

  • '100% natural eco-friendly products'
  • 'Human touch and precision of hand weaving'
  • 'Fairtrade'
  • 'Quality is paramount'
  • 'Simplicity in everything we do'

Our idea of giving back to the society focusses on 

  1. Child education – we want to create a better world by investing in child education. We sponsor children and support them in their education till the age of 25
  2. Mental health – we want to create a better world where everyone lives in peace and hence invest in mental health programs and support organisation creating mental health awareness.
  3. Tiger reservation – we can only create a better world if we can keep the balance of this nature and hence we give back by adopting tiger

Other commitments

    • No plastic packaging

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