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Karpasa for Sustainable Business

Karpasa for Businesses B2B

Karpasa London has all the expertise and knowledge to meet your business needs. We work in partnership with brands, businesses, interior designers, hotels, schools, retailers and funiture manufacturers with sustainability in their heart to build premium quality textiles made from sustainable fabrics.  For more information, write to us @ wholesales@karpasa.co.uk

What We Offer

Karpasa White Bedding B2BKarpasa White Bedding B2BKarpasa Table Linen for HotelsKarpasa Furniture FabricsKarpasa ProjectsKarpasa School Uniforms
  • Luxury Bath Towels for Hotels and Businesses
  • Luxury White Bedding for Hotels and Businesses
  • Premium Cotton Table Linen for Hotels
  • School Uniforms made from Sustainable Fabrics
  • High Quality Furniture Fabrics
  • Partner with Interior designer on sustainable textile design projects

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