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5 Things You Need To Know To Buy The Best Bed Sheets For Your Room

5 Things You Need To Know To Buy The Best Bed Sheets For Your Room

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most calming and relaxing space in the house, with specific elements making it conducive for a good sleep. And undoubtedly, the most important aspect of all is the bed itself. It is almost impossible to get comfortable while using a scratchy sheet or an unbreathable fabric that makes you feel uncomfortably hot. So instead of investing in sheets that will have to be replaced constantly, it is well worth spending on getting longer-lasting, better-quality bed sheets. Here are five aspects you need to keep in mind to avoid a restless sleep and enjoy a good rest without waking up frequently.

  1. Size:

Too many times, you might end up buying a sheet that’s too big or not big enough for your bed. One of the first things you need to do before you go hunting for bed sheets is to measure the actual size of your bed. Standard sizes often don’t account for the depth of your mattress, so make sure to measure before you buy.

Also, some people observe a certain degree of shrinkage after laundering, so most prefer to buy bigger cotton bed sheets since they could shrink over time. At Karpasa, we offer both fitted and flat sheets in three ample sizes, including double, king, and super-king.

  1. Fabric:

From pure cotton to blended options like poly cotton, there is a wide range of bed sheet fabrics available for your choosing. The high-quality, unmatched soft texture and anti-allergic properties make pure cotton bed sheets one of the most expensive options, but no one can deny it’s luxurious feel. However, if not appropriately washed, pure cotton fabric is known to shrink over time. Organic cotton has a much lower environmental footprint, making organic cotton bed sheets a more sustainable option than conventional cotton.

  1. Fitted Or Flat:

While fitted sheets are designed with an elasticated edge to make it easier to cover the entire mattress and help them stay in place, flat sheets can be used as the sleeping surface or as a layer to sleep under. Although many prefer the ease of a fitted sheet on their mattress, if you want a neater look in your home, a well-fitted flat sheet is the way to go and even comes in handy for hot summer nights. If you prioritise breathability and comfort for your bedding, our 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet is perfect for use all year round.

  1. Thread Count & Weave Type:

Just as the fabric is an essential factor, the thread count and weave type must be considered while buying bed sheets. Branded bed sheets have a higher thread count, which means the sheets will be softer, smoother, denser and more hard-wearing. However, they also take longer to dry and iron, unlike lower thread count fabrics, which are ideal for those who want lighter materials that are easier to launder. Most people prefer fabrics with a thread count over 300 since anything less than 200 may not be as comfortable.

When it comes to weaves, a percale weave results in a cool, crisp feel, while a sateen weave is smoother with a silky feel and slight sheen. A twill weave is strong and hard-wearing, making it heavier if you want a sheet to sleep under. With a 300 thread count and percale weave, our Luxury Organic Cotton Flat Sheet is best for a comfortable sleep while being easy to maintain and ideal for everyday use.

  1. Bed Sheet Colour:

White bed sheets are the best if you don’t want to deal with annoying issues such as fading colours. You can bleach white fabrics back to their original shade both at home and professionally if you want to remove any stubborn stains. The colour itself is neutral and has a calming, relaxing effect, which aids peaceful sleep since it doesn’t stimulate the brain, unlike bright tones. White can also seamlessly match with almost any interior decor and is easy to find, making it one of the most sought-after colour choices for bed sheets.

When shopping for bed sheets, you have countless options online and a wide variety of colours, styles, patterns and prices. It is easy to get quickly overwhelmed and feel indecisive after looking at the many choices available, but having a basic idea of what you want can make the buying process a lot easier.

You also need to be aware of the care instructions since some sheets might be compatible for machine wash while others need to be hand-washed for the best maintenance. Washing instructions may also include details about drying and the use of detergents, which may vary depending on the kind of bed sheet you choose.

At Karpasa, we offer the best-quality fitted and flat bed sheets for comfortable bedding while adding a natural look to your room’s existing decor and design. Our products include specific wash instructions and an easy-to-consult size guide, so you don’t have to encounter any hassle when trying to determine the perfect size for your cotton bed sheets. Head over to our products section to choose a category and explore your options to find what works best for you.

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