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Why Should You Invest In Organic Bed Sheets For Your Home?

Why Should You Invest In Organic Bed Sheets For Your Home?

Becoming environment friendly has quickly gone from being a trend to an absolute necessity. Switching to organic fabrics is one of the many ways you can contribute towards sustainability. Home textiles, especially bedding, should be chemical-free since they can significantly reduce the chances of an allergic reaction or a skin rash and respiratory problems since many fabrics are treated with toxic chemicals. That’s just one of the many differences between regular cotton bedding and the better organic alternative.

What Does The Term ‘Organic’ Mean In Terms Of Bedding?

When any type of fabric is labelled as organic, it generally refers to how the crops that produced the raw materials were grown. It also includes post-harvest processing and end manufacturing of the material. While cotton is considered a better alternative than various synthetic options available, not all cotton bedding fabrics are the same. There are many reasons why choosing organic cotton over regular options makes a difference here.

Often, bedding fabrics are dyed using toxic substances such as heavy metals, harmful inks and bleaches and then made wrinkle-free using formaldehyde resin. Besides harming the environment and polluting the water supply, they also potentially irritate the skin and lead to adverse health problems.

Cotton, flax and bamboo can be grown and harvested organically to reduce the chemical impact on the planet. Several countries have enforced regulations that demand home textiles be produced from non-genetically modified organisms. No pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or toxic chemicals are used to cultivate these crops. Compared to conventional production, they don’t negatively impact the environment and human health.

What Should You Look For When You Are Shopping Organic?

Organic bedding isn’t just about having better-quality end products; it is also a healthier choice that prevents your body from being exposed to toxic chemicals while you are resting peacefully. Here are the factors you should consider before choosing your next organic bedding.

  1. Crop:

The best organic bedding is made from either cotton, flax or hemp. As one of the most widely produced crops globally, cotton can be incredibly durable and soft when grown organically. With various weaves and thread counts, you have many different textures and looks to choose from. At Karpasa, we use 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly cotton to make our products, which means no pesticides or harmful chemicals were used in the entire process of producing our organic cotton bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

  1. Certification

When you are looking for organic products, it can be difficult to tell if something is genuinely organic or not. Some manufacturers label their products as organic even if they might not qualify as such. Not all countries have the same regulations for the home textiles manufacturing process, so what’s considered organic in one country may differ from the other.

Reputable international certifications help you verify whether a product is actually organic since they are issued by independent global organisations that test textile products regularly. Labels like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) ensure that the organic bedding you buy is produced through sustainable methods and doesn’t contain any toxic substances that can harm your health. At Karpasa, our flat and fitted cotton bed sheetsare made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which guarantees socially conscious and safe textile production.

Why Should You Buy Organic Bedding?
  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Since we spend many hours in bed, it is crucial for the bedding to be made up of non-toxic materials to ensure our good health. Organic cotton is grown without any unnecessary chemicals that harm our environment, and suchcotton bed sheets are hypoallergenic, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin or immune systems.

  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Conventional cotton production involves a lot of pesticides that contain toxic chemicals that can weaken the immune system. Since they are used to make different products, it is easy to get exposed to chemicals that result in lasting damage. Also, organic cotton farming requires less water than regular cotton farming. You can make a difference by switching to organic cotton products that are safer for the environment.

  • Naturally Comfortable

Organic cotton does not undergo any processes that involve harsh chemicals, and so they retain their softness. The naturally breathable fabric results in comfortable bedding throughout the year, and its chemical-free nature ensures better durability due to strong fibres.

  • Best-Quality Bedding

Organic cotton is generally handpicked, whereas regular cotton farmers use a harvesting machine that mixes the oil and seeds of the plant with the cotton fibre, which is removed using harmful chemicals. The safer and cleaner organic alternative is cleaned using hot water and vegetable-based soaps.

  • GOTS Approved

Karpasa bedding products are completely approved as per the Global Organic Textile Standards, the leading standard for textile processing of organic fabrics of the entire supply chain- from the raw cotton to the finished bedding product.

  • Environment-Friendly

Organic farming is GMO-free and uses rainwater instead of underground water, which can deplete resources. They are free from hazardous chemicals that can contaminate the soil and water, exposing wildlife to toxic material.

Along with all of this, when you invest in organic cotton bedding, you also support and encourage farmers to continue organic practices and use environment-friendly methods to grow crops. At Karpasa, one of our core values is ensuring all our products are made of 100% organic cotton so that there is no adverse impact on our health or the planet. If you want to switch to organic cotton products and take the first step to a healthy environment and a happy home, explore our bedding products which prioritise quality over quantity.

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