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Benefits of using Organic Cotton Yoga Mats

Benefits of using Organic Cotton Yoga Mats

Yoga has gained immense popularity over the years for its overall health and fitness, accentuating benefits. The breathing techniques and yogic asanas help renew the energy levels while inducing a sense of mental upliftment and boosting immunity. For yoga to be effective, getting a proper mat for your everyday sessions is essential.

If you already own a yoga mat or want to invest in one, consider whether the one you're thinking of buying contains unnecessary chemicals. There are numerous eco-friendly and biodegradable choices for true healthcare enthusiasts looking to make the most of their yoga sessions at home, in classes, or while travelling.

Organic cotton is one popular material for eco-friendly yoga mats. For centuries, cotton has been grown for fibre, food, and fuel. It's known to be used in towels, bedsheets, clothing, curtains, and now yoga mats, among many other intricately handcrafted luxury home textiles and accessories.

Fun Fact: Did you know cotton is also used in making ropes, currency, cooking oil, animal feeding, paper, and more? The benefits and versatility of cotton are endless!

If you're looking for a multi-purpose yoga mat that fits anywhere conveniently whenever you feel like stretching, meditating, trying out new asanas, or simply making Shavasana comfortable, order your eco-friendly yoga mats at Karpāsa London. Here are a few benefits you're likely to enjoy once you get your hands on our organic cotton yoga mats.

#1 Better Grip

One of the top benefits offered by high-quality yoga mats is that it provides a robust grip on the floor. It reduces the chances of getting injured. One of the primary pain points of people who use yoga mats is that their hands keep slipping off. Cotton yoga mats provide a firm grip for their sweaty feet and palms as they absorb the sweat without annoyance or discomfort.

#2 Skin and Environment-Friendly

Cotton yoga mats are friendly to the skin and also the atmosphere. They leave no bad impact on the environment or cause any skin allergies or other concerns when used regularly for yoga practices. The absorbent, soft, and breathable fabric allows the skin to breathe through the entire practice. The moisture-wicking fabric is specially designed to keep you cooler and drier during exercise.

#3 Easy to Maintain

Cotton yoga mats are strong and durable but also easy to clean and maintain. The cotton fabric allows being washed and dried easily. If you are packed on time, you can simply duster the mat to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Not to forget, they're incredibly light, allowing you to easily carry them with you wherever you go to perform yoga.

Woman folding yoga mat
#4 Odour Free

Your clothes are bound to dampen with perspiration when working out. Consequently, the mats can get wet, too. Considering they're used regularly, they're subject to releasing stinky smells. With cotton, you won't have to worry as you can easily get rid of odour substances as opposed to mats made from synthetic materials.

#5 Cushioning

Cotton has naturally fluffy fibres, which provide a sound thickness when woven into quality yoga mats. They give excellent cushioning for all workouts and asanas where the use of elbows, wrists, knees, or head is required. 

You can also order cotton tote bags to carry your yoga mats comfortably. If you're fascinated by the wonders of cotton, explore the collection of high-quality, eco-friendly, organic cotton and intricately handcrafted luxury home textiles and accessories at Karpāsa London.

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