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What Makes Organic Cotton White Towels the Best Option For Bathrooms?

What Makes Organic Cotton White Towels the Best Option For Bathrooms?

Towels are a great way to add a warm and welcoming touch to any bathroom. They can help accentuate the bathroom's theme and liven up the space. If you're on the fence when deciding between coloured or white towels, don't lose sleep over the issue. When it comes to choosing the perfect towel colours, there's no match for white organic cotton towels.

Apart from exuding a timeless and classy look, white towels blend seamlessly with any colour, décor, theme, and accent.

Let's look at a few reasons why white towels are your best bet.

White is Super Trendy

Experts reveal that colour is one of the most short-term and cheap design thrills for those seeking convenient and quick change. White has remained the most preferred colour of choice for bathrooms throughout the years. It has been named the top trending colour of 2022, as well.

A crisp white paint coat is a surefire way of giving your bathroom a classy update. Add eco-friendly, organic cotton towels or bath sheets to make the space relaxing with an overall clean look. Even if you have a brightly coloured bathroom, fluffy white towels will seamlessly blend in and look timeless in any style or setting.

White Towels are Durable

Just like skin tone, romances, and dreams fade, colours also eventually lose luster, giving towels a worn-out look and feel. You might even come across unsightly blotches after a few washes. The ugly truth is that coloured towels are susceptible to fading.

Moreover, the dyes used for colouring darker towels can bleed during the initial washing cycles, possibly causing damage to other items in the wash load. In a nutshell, coloured towels need to be changed much more frequently than white counterparts that don't fade and need to be replaced far less often than coloured towels.

Woman touching washed luxury bath towels
White Towels are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Many people believe maintaining white towels is difficult because even if coloured towels get stained, it doesn't show. However, this is precisely why coloured towels aren't the ideal choice. When dirt and stains get masked by the colour, it could give an impression that they're clean and don't need to be washed. This makes the towel a comfortable breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Studies show that over 87% of towels carry germs and bacteria that can potentially cause diseases. All you need is hot water to keep your white towels hygienic and glistening! Even if you end up using extra detergent or bleach to clean the smallest visible stains or dirt visible clearly on the towel, the colour won't fade. You can save more because the hassles of investing in specific detergents, vinegar, and colour-catching sheets aren't required for white towels.

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