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What is Fairtrade in textiles?

What is Fairtrade in textiles?

When buying a textile, dietary and any other kind of product, you may have come across the term "Fairtrade". You need to develop an understanding of the term and what it is supposed to convey before buying the products that have it on their labels.

Fairtrade is a certification and a label that ensures that all the parties involved in the production and sale of different products have their rights reserved and are getting their fair share of benefits. Fairtrade is a way to ensure that both trading parties are getting equal benefits. It also makes sure that the producers and workers are treated well regarding their payment and wages and no one is treated unfairly. It is way by which the workers and producers get enough payments to take care of their needs. All the workers and daily wagers have their voice which they can utilize, either individually or through a group or representative. It also works to provide a safe working environment to the workers.

Let’s have a look at the importance of Fairtrade:

Significance of Fairtrade

Fairtrade certification is meant to be applied to the products or ingredients from many different categories including cotton, fruits, vegetables, herbs, coffee, tea, honey, cane sugar, flowers, plant, and loads of other organic ingredients and products.

The Fairtrade label ensures that:

  • Farmers are getting minimum wage and the respect they deserve.
  • Sustainable living standards for workers and labour are being met.
  • Children and adults are not being forced to work.
  • Transparent deals and arrangements are being made at all ends.
  • Acclaimed benefits and profits are being offered to producers depending on the market.
  • Safe and healthy criteria is being followed to ensure the well-being of the end-users.

All of the organizations concerned with the production, manufacturing, marketing, sales and other aspects of the ingredients and products listed above have to be licensed by Fairtrade. They need to meet the criteria put forth by Fairtrade certification to ensure that the rights of everyone involved in the process are being handled very carefully and honestly and everyone is getting the better of it.

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