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Why Organic Cotton?

Why Organic Cotton?

Here, we are going to highlight why organic cotton is something you should invest in the future. You will get to know how organic cotton is better than conventional cotton, how it can benefit people and the environment and what the reasons are when you should look for organic cotton.

Why is organic cotton better than conventional cotton?




Organic cotton is better than conventional cotton in many ways. For example:

  • Organic cotton produces fewer greenhouse gases (CO2e) than conventional cotton.
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the growth of organic cotton; as a result, the water, air, and soil are free from contaminates
  • Organic cotton encourages bio-diversity. For pest control, instead of using chemical pesticides, farmers usually use beneficial insects.

In short, organic cotton aims to be a more sustainable mode of production and has a direct positive impact on the environment.

Benefits of organic cotton for people and the environment




The following are a few benefits of organic cotton for people and the environment:

Safety: No toxic chemicals are used to grow organic cotton; hence the farmers and their families are safe as they are not exposed to such chemicals through the water supply or food

Environmental benefits: If we talk about the environment, organic cotton has many benefits. For example, organic cotton reduces environmental footprint as there are no toxic chemicals used for growing this type of cotton. As compared to the conventional cotton, organic cotton uses less water and less energy and has less impact on the air.

Sustainability: Plus, it does not damage the soil, hence good for the environment.

80 per cent of the irrigation system of organic cotton depends on rain, which means less pressure on the local water sources. In this way, the organic cotton is good for the future when there will a shortage of water.

Why should a consumer look for organic cotton when they buy next time?


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So, now we have come to know that organic cotton is beneficial for human beings and the environment as well. In fact, it is the future that has a huge impact on the health of our families and the planet. It may result in less pollution as no harmful chemicals are used to grow cotton. It may also promote the health of you and your loved ones as you will not be exposed to pesticides.

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