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How to cheer up your living room this British summer?

How to cheer up your living room this British summer?

How to cheer up your living room this British summer?

Want to give your house a staycation-inspired makeover? These summer home decorating ideas will make your house look cheerier during the summer and other warm-weather holidays.
With a few simple improvements, your home can feel as tranquil as the seaside resort or cottage hideaway of your dreams, from vivid colours to vibrant designs.

Fill fireplace with flowers

Instead of leaving your grate empty, fill it with flowers to make it the centre of attention. Fresh flowers are usually attractive since they provide colour and perfume to the room. Still, an artificial arrangement could also be effective, especially if you don't want to take the chance of having a floor-standing vase of water knocked over.

Hang billowy curtains

Simple replacement of heavy textiles, such as drapes, can instantly change a cosy winter den into a summery haven. Since they may interact with the light, which is what they are intended to manage, window coverings can play a significant role in this.

Embrace fresh greenery

Try adding various indoor plants, from towering, floor-standing ones to smaller tabletop kinds, to liven up your living room. You might be amazed by how quickly they can infuse a space with life and vibrancy.
Placing plants close to a window also aids in bridging the interior and the outside.
If you are looking for attractive accessories or beautiful drapes for your home, visit Karpasa – a UK-based retailer. We have an exceptional collection to turn your home appealing and cosy.

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