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What makes Karpasa London unique?

What makes Karpasa London unique?

What makes Karpasa London so unique?

Karpsa London is a UK-based business that offers luxury handcrafted home textiles and organic cotton home accessoriea that is good for the environment.

Why Choose us?

We support only natural ingredients, and focus on simplicity. According to Karpasa London values, everyone should have a home they adore and purchasing should be simple. We provide the best design and quality to our customers, so they never have to worry about trends or materials. For us, quality and social responsibility go hand in hand. All of our products, including our packaging, are made with only ethically sourced materials.

What makes us Stand out?

Karpasa is a leading London based retailer with sustainability @ heart. Our items are created from organic cotton fabrics that are completely natural and environmentally friendly. Our handmade items are manufactured with real handlooms from Kannur handlooms, so the fabric is softer, more durable, and allows for better airflow for restful sleep. Additionally, all of our products are constructed using natural and ecological materials including buttons (e.g. Coconut buttons). We provide items of the highest quality, which are durable, elegant, gentle to the touch, more resilient, and allow for greater ventilation.
If you are looking to buy from a brand that cares about its customers and environment, then please join our family by signing up. Every customer is treated as a friend by Karpasa London, we are always open, friendly and there for our friends

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