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Invest in Your Sleep Health

Invest in Your Sleep Health

Having a restful sleep is crucial to both good health and wellbeing. Many people do not realize how much sleep they require and end up putting themselves at a potential risk for medical complications.

There are a few things that can actually elevate the quality of your sleep, including:

Using Natural Bedsheets:

Many companies are producing bed sheets by using eco-friendly pigments and minimizing the water pollution by strategies such as a closed-loop process. In the closed-loop processing, ninety-nine percent of impurities, additives and contaminants are recycled, reducing the environmental impact of the production process. Some of the most common natural bed sheet alternatives include:

  • Organic Cotton Bed sheets
  • Organic Hemp Bed sheets
  • Organic Linen Bed sheets
  • Organic Eucalyptus Bed sheets etc.
How Often You Should Change Your Bed Sheet?

As per the National Sleep Foundation’s recent survey, about ninety-one percent of people change their bed sheets after a couple of weeks or so. While most experts suggest weekly cleaning of your bed sheets. It is because the sheets tend to absorb a lot of things you can't know about, these include, millions of dead skin cells, bed bugs, and sometimes even bodily fluids. It is advised that we alter our sheets once every week.

How to Refresh Your Bedding?

The sun or air drying of your bed sheets lets the cloth preserve the aroma of whatever detergent or fabric conditioner you use. Every morning, open the blinds of your bedroom and let the air flow in your bedroom. If you can, keep the sheets in the breeze the whole day. Utilizing lavender and water spray to clean your bed sheets is another great idea as it will make you relax well throughout the night. Try mixing sixty millilitres of purified water and about ten to fifteen drops of your preferred essential oil in an unused plastic container, and Spray it on your sheets to give them a fresh and nice aroma!



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