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Synthetic Fiber and Environmental Issues

Synthetic Fiber and Environmental Issues

Synthetic fibres are the byproduct of petroleum and are non-biodegradable. Synthetic products take many decades to break down and decompose, causing long-term contamination and environmental pollution. Synthetic fabrics even pollute the sources of water. The waste material originating from garment mills and pigments gets washed into our rivers and sewers, making the water and environment polluted, unhealthier and hazardous.

What Is the Risk?

  • Garments that include synthetic materials like nylon and polyester lead to microplastic contamination. Which can further pollute the water, destroy the environment as well as the seafood that humans consume.
  • The Earth is continuously being polluted by synthetic materials and fibres. The damage being done is beyond repair. It is estimated that the garment industry is responsible for more than 20% of industrial water waste and pollution worldwide.
  • They're considered to be non-degradable. A large portion of our rivers are already blocked and clogged; Even sea creatures and marine life are not safe anymore. Recently a lot of fish were examined and plastic nylons were discovered inside their digestive tract. What a disgrace!
  • That is not all, a large number of seabirds, including seagulls and other species, were found dead on the seashores and surrounding areas. The reason for death is the consumption of synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres are a growing, long-term danger that must be addressed head-on, or it will result in poisoning of our planets beyond salvation.

A Final Word:

The environmental issues caused by synthetic fibres are too many to be counted. It is a massive threat to life on earth. By making a conscious effort and pledging to save the environment, we can make a difference. This planet needs a more organic and natural lifestyle, be sure to adopt that. Look for natural alternatives and care for the environment.



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