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What is Slow fashion?

What is Slow fashion?

Because of the drastic changes in climate in the past century, people from around the world have come to realization that they have to change themselves for the betterment of our environment. For this purpose, along with others, the fashion industry has a significant role to play and the ideology “Slow Fashion” comes into being.

As opposed to fast fashion, Slow Fashion comprises of better and responsible consumption of resources and opting for garment products that are made of high-quality materials to ensure longer life and sustainability. While fast fashion industry produces a huge amount of waste every year because of the cheapness of the products and high turn-over rate, Slow Fashion is playing its role to slow down the turn-over process.

In short terms, Slow Fashion works as an antidote to Fast Fashion. Because of Fast Fashion, people buy cheap garments many times a year based on their appealing looks and throw them away in perfect conditions. While that's a waste of resources, it causes a huge burden on environmental sustainability because of the pollution caused by their destruction processes.

How Slow Fashion plays its role?

Slow fashion is aimed at;

  • Producing high-quality products with longer life.
  • Manufacturing in a sustainable way.
  • The minimum utilization of harmful dyes and other chemicals.
  • Releasing high-end fashion products at an affordable cost two or three times a year.
  • Meeting the GOTS and other production standards.
  • Promoting local as well as economical fashion with more durability and reliability.
  • Producing minimum waste.
  • Maintaining a balance in the environment.

So, being the end-user, you should buy products that are made of high-quality raw materials that ensure the longer life of the products all the while being affordable and reachable by everyone.

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