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Trendy and effective ways to style the room with bed linens

Trendy and effective ways to style the room with bed linens

Trendy and effective ways to style the room with bed linens

Every bedroom revolves around the bed, which provides a cosy ambiance while making it difficult to get out of bed. This is even more difficult if your bed is decorated with plush bedding, soft pillows, and chic blankets and cushions. Here are some practical ways to style your bedroom.

Colour Combinations

The primary functions of a bedroom are rest and sleep. Therefore it is ideal to use hues that encourage these activities, such as greens, blues, and lilacs, or darker shades like navy blue, charcoal, and soft grey. Pinks and yellows, for example, can give off a joyful vibe when used sparingly. You should also think about subdued, tonal variants of your favourite colour.

Create A Cohesive Look

Start with simple sheets and keep your patterned pieces to this colour scheme if you want to add a graphic touch to your bed but aren't sure how much is too much. On the typical bedcover, choose a pattern for a classic and well-balanced appearance.

Material Mix

Layering a bed with quilts and cushions is the quickest way to make it cosy. It's simple to do this in the winter, but you'll need to take a different strategy in the summer. Reduce it to its bare essentials: premium sheets with bedcovers made of breathable cotton or linen. For more texture without the warmth, add a simple linen throw.
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