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Does thread count matter for bedding?

Does thread count matter for bedding?
When buying bed linen and other accessories for your beds, it's better to take your research beyond the colours and sizes. While the colours you like and the size of the bed matters when buying bed sheets, thread count and weave type used during the manufacturing process decide the true nature and quality of the bed linen.

What is Thread count?

In textile, Thread count is a term that is used to denote the number threads weaved, both horizontally and vertically, per square inch of the fabric. A higher thread count means that more fibres are weaved into the fabric making it softer and more durable.
While thread count matters in bedding, a higher thread count doesn’t ensure quality. Other factors including weave type play an important role in the making of premium quality bed sheets. While you can find good sheets with a 200+ thread count, it is important to understand thread count in the context of the weave. Steer clear of the sheets with their count below 200 thread counts.

What are different weave types in bed linen?

The arrangement and number of fibres in the warp and weft of the sheets tell us about the weave types.

1. Sateen

In this type of weave, the number of threads in the warp is much more than those in the weft (three over one usually) making it soft and silky. Sateen woven sheets are usually available from 300 thread count onwards, however 400-600 are of premium quality. Sateen bed linen feels smoother and looks shiner.

2. Percale

Percale woven fabric has the same thread count in warp and weft but the cotton is combed to make it softer and more durable. Percale woven sheets with a thread count between 300 and 400 are of the best and premium quality in the market. Percale woven fabric is lighter and more airy than sateen woven fabric.
There are other special weave fabrics also available in bed linen, which aren’t common. Any bed linen sold with more than 1000 thread count is a marketing gimmick and a strategy to get you into buying them at a very high price. Stay away from these.

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