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GSM explained - How to pick the perfect towel?

GSM explained - How to pick the perfect towel?

Having complete knowledge of fabric GSM and how it relates to the quality of different textile products is paramount in the textile industry.

What is GSM?

Short for grams-per-square-meter, GSM is a measure of the density as well as the weight of fabric in grams per square meter. The density and weight of the fabric directly translate into the thickness as well as the quality of the end product. A higher GSM value would mean a compact fabric with a higher thickness than a fabric with a lower GSM value. Different textile products such as shirts, Pants, Jackets, Jeans, Towels, Curtains, and others have different values of GSM which in turn, allows for them to be used for different purposes. GSM is a very common terminology seen in product descriptions of towels. Let's take example of towels to understand different range of gsm in a bit more detail

300-400 GSM:

A towel with 300-400 GSM value is thin, rough in texture, and is used for quick drying purposes.

400-600 GSM:

Towels having 400-600 GSM values are thicker, fluffier, and softer than the ones before.

600-900 GSM:

this GSM range is the most desired one with 700 being an optimum gsm count to look for. Luxurious towels having the premium quality thickness, softness, and absorbent qualities fall into this category and have a GSM value of 650+.

So, depending on their uses and applications, different towels have different GSM values.  Lower GSM value towels have quick-drying properties while medium and premium quality towels are used in homes and luxury hotels to provide comfort. At Karpasa London, we recommend our customers to go for 650+ gsm for bath towels.

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