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How To Layer Your Bed: Our Best Bedscaping Tips

How To Layer Your Bed: Our Best Bedscaping Tips

Everyone loves gorgeous bedrooms and comfortable beds. After all, it's one of the most important places for rejuvenation and relaxation. People across the UK dote over the chic bedscaping found in magazines because they appear unbelievably plush.

The mantra for a cosy, stylish, and sleep-friendly look is to pay attention to details of bedding basics. Essentially, layering with blankets, sheets, quilts, pillows, and duvets can achieve the luxurious look you're aiming for. Check out innovative and creative tips by our experts to make your bed comfier layer-by-layer.

#1 For a Fluffy Duvet Look

Place two lightweight and breathable duvet inserts inside a single duvet cover to get incredible fluffing that's perfect year-round. The secret lies in buying duvet inserts a few inches larger than the duvet covers. Adding two queen duvet inserts inside a single duvet cover is a fluff trick used by top decorators. It's also a great trick for colder weather or people who love extra warmth when the temperatures plummet.

#2 For Balancing the Hot and Cold Arrangement

Do you sleep cold, and your partner sleeps hot? If you find yourself fighting for the covers or the room temperature, it could end up in one of you or both getting fitful sleep. In this scenario, go European!

Use different duvet inserts in the duvet covers side by side on the bed instead of a single King or Queen duvet inside the cover. This way, you can kick off or cuddle in without bothering the other sleeper.

You can also choose your favourite duvet insert material to make it more comfortable. Just ensure that the duvet covers match to achieve a flawless look that appears to be a one-piece concept.

Couple enjoying together in comfortable cotton bedding
#3 For Determining the Perfect Pillow Placement

Let's start with a simple idea. If you have a Queen-sized bed, try putting two King shams side by side with white pillowcases against the headboard area to add some drama. Some people prefer two standard pillows with shams or three Euro pillows with shams.

Next, line up two standard pillows and add decorative accent pillows to give a luxurious finishing touch. Perhaps accent pillows your friend made for you or one with a whimsical saying can spruce up the space and add a personal touch to your room.

#4 For a 'Faux Duvet' Effect

Use triple sheet! Yep, that's how hotel beds exude luxury and comfort. To achieve the essence of luxury duvet-plus-cover living, put a fitted sheet on your bed and top it with an additional organic cotton flat sheet.

Now place the duvet insert, comforter, or blanket on the second sheet and cover it with another flat sheet. Fold the top over a few inches like you normally fold the sheets over when preparing the bed for sleep.

It gives the look and feel of a duvet cover while ensuring easy cleaning and washing, as it's easier to wash sheets weekly than removing and washing duvet covers. However, real duvet aficionados know the small extra effort is always worth it!

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