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Should you look for Egyptian cotton when buying bedding?

Should you look for Egyptian cotton when buying bedding?

When buying bed sheets, most of the people read “Egyptian cotton” on the label and that’s it for them. While Egyptian cotton is very heavily marketed as the hallmark of quality, other factors need to be taken into consideration to get the best possible bed linen. Bed linen plays a key role in getting a good night sleep, so the research is worth the investment.

As far as the quality of the fabric is concerned, Egyptian cotton doesn’t always ensure that it's top-notch. The length of the fibres plays a vital role in making the cotton of the top-shelf quality. The Length of the fibres or staples varies depending on the different types of cotton.

Types of staples

Different types of staples are short, long and extra-long and they are found in different types of cotton.

Short Staple Cotton:  as the name indicates, the staples for this cotton are short in length and they are most commonly found in the stores. It is quite reliable, and affordable but it is not the most durable fabric if you are looking for that best quality bedding .

Long Staple Cotton:  Cotton having long and extra-long staples are superior quality. They are soft, smooth, comfy, and cozy and durable.

Whether going out for shopping, don’t just settle for anything reading the label that says “Egyptian Cotton”. Inquire around to find out about the length of the staples because Egyptian cotton with poor quality and shorter staples is available in the market. So, quality doesn't always mean it should be Egyptian, it's the length of the staples that matters. At Karpasa London, we source the best quality long staple organic cotton and handloom cotton.

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