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What is GOTS?

What is GOTS?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a benchmark for the textile industry to control the quality starting from harnessing raw materials, the supply chain, manufacturing process and all the way till the final product is in the hands of end-users. Every textile industry is bound to meet the criteria set by GOTS and comply with its standards to keep producing natural fabric.

Features of GOTS certification

Some features of the GOTS certification are as follows.

  • Raw materials harvested for textile should comply with the ecological as well as social standards.
  • The product to be produced should have at least 70% of the organic fibres.
  • During the manufacturing process, no toxic substances such as bleaches and formaldehyde should be used at any stage.
  • After the manufacturing process, the final product should have a colour that is imparted by non-toxic dyes.
  • Meeting the set requirements of social and economical standards to be able to play their part in the welfare of earth and humanity.

What GOTS guarantees?

GOTS certification ensures that the consumers are having the top-quality products and they are safe from any harm that may come from any adulteration that happened during the process. In addition to that, the promotion of eco-friendly procedures and the welfare of every living thing is guaranteed. So, as the main purpose of GOTS certification is to make sure that quality products are being produced. All the materials are sourced from GOTS certified manufacturer, we do our due diligence to ensure we only use certified partners.

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