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What is handloom?

What is handloom?

Handloom is an instrument operated by the bare hands of a weaving artist while the fibres are woven manually to produce threads and ultimately the final product; handloom or hand-crafted or handmade fabric. The name handloom comes from the loom which is an instrument over which the fibres of the cotton, silk, or any other material are woven and as the loom is operated by the hands of artisans, the name handloom originates.

The human touch and human imperfections make handloom products more attractive. A knot gone wrong, a stain from the spilt oil, and a thread showing itself tell a story far more beautiful than anything. The imperfections of the handloom products convey that they have been given a lot of thought and consideration while being handcrafted.

Advantages of handloom textile

The handmade fabric is much more attractive than the one produced by machines. The intricacy and the ability to weave the fibres into different combinations originates in new designs and styles. In addition to that, the fabric that has been handcrafted has more resistance to the environmental factors, has attractive texture, and is more durable than its counterparts. The handmade fabric has more prestige and is of premium quality as opposed to machine produced fabric. This is because of the reason that only a limited quantity of fabric can be produced with handloom manufacturing operated by humans. 

Excellence, delicacy, and the customizability along with the environment-friendly operations of handloom make it even more prestigious.  All the handloom products at Karpasa London are sourced from authentic handloom manufacturers with relevant certification from the textile authorities.

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