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What is handloom?
Handloom is an instrument operated by the bare hands of a weaving artist while the fibres are woven manually to produce threads and ultimately the ...
GSM explained - How to pick the perfect towel?
Having complete knowledge of fabric GSM and how it relates to the quality of different textile products is paramount in the textile industry. What...
Does thread count matter for bedding?
When buying bed linen and other accessories for your beds, it's better to take your research beyond the colours and sizes. While the colours you li...
Why natural fabrics bedding is good for your sleep?

Having the right environment is paramount for a good night’s sleep. Your bedding plays a huge part in this, from your mattress to your sheets, pillows and duvets. Since we spend almost a third of our life in bed, it’s important to get the best quality bedding we can afford. And, due to lifestyle and ethical decisions, many people are now choosing organic and natural bedding as the way forward. So, what are the benefits of natural bedding? And what should you be aware of?

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